The Mathematics of Games in the Applied Sciences

09-11 August 2018

Game Theory has been expanding its impact in a number of applications ranging from Biology and Physics to Management Sciences, Finance and Economy. The Workshop  Mathematics of Games in the Applied Sciences has as its goal the idea of bringing together worldwide experts in topics related to the Mathematics of Game Theory. This shall include experts in areas such as Data Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Game Theory, Optimization, Industrial Organization, Probability and Statistics,   Engineering, Energy, Natural and Social Sciences.

This international conference follows along the lines of six previous conferences in Game Theory, Dynamics and its Applications organized in Portugal, Spain and Mexico. The first one was realized in 2008 at University of Minho in honor of Mauricio Peixoto and David Rand. The collection Springer Proceedings in Mathematics was inaugurated with a volume that was edited by Mauricio Peixoto, Alberto Pinto and David Rand with papers presented in this conference. A total of five Springer volumes were already edited relatively to this series of conferences. A sixth volume is planned to be devoted to this conference.


• The conference chairs: Alberto Pinto (Porto), Max O. de Souza (UFF), Jorge P. Zubelli (IMPA).
• Scientific Committee: Michel Benaim (UNINE, Switzerland),  Alberto Pinto (Porto, Portugal), Sylvain Sorin (UPMC, Paris), Max O. de Souza (UFF, Brazil), Myrna Wooders (Vanderbilt, USA), Jorge P. Zubelli (IMPA, Brazil).
• Venue: Instituto de Matemática e Estatı́stica (IME) da UFF, Campus do Gragoatá, Niterói.

Conference Speakers:
1. Elvio Accinelli (San Louis Potosi Mexico)
2. Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA)
3. Fabio Chalub (UNL)
4. Pierre Degond (Imperial College)  TBC
5. José Fontanari (UFSCAR) TBC
6. Diogo Gomes (KAUST)
7. Roberto Imbuzeiro (IMPA)
8. Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin (Maryland)
9. Wilfredo Maldonado(U Católica de Brası́lia)

10. Chiara Mocenni (Università di Siena, Italy)
11. Alberto Pinto (U do Porto)
12. Francisco Santos (UL/IST)
13. Marilda Sotomayor (USP)
14. Max Souza (UFF)